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Valentines Posts 2016

  • You're interested in so many fascinating things, and it's awesome how you work those interests into your writing. It makes for really enjoyable higher level reading with familiar faces :D Thank you for that!

  • I've had so much fun working through fics with you

  • You never fail to impress me with your kindness. <3

  • Thanks for being an awesome writer and a wonderful person!

  • You're a sweet person, I hope to meet you in rl someday :3

  • It was so great to finally meet you last summer! :D


  • I hope we can talk more soon. Maybe even meet again eventually. You’re so adorable.


  • Without you, my life wouldn't be. You are the best person ever. Thank you for being you. Love you, always and forever. <3<3


  • Super nice person. I miss our chats, I hope you're okay.

  • I miss you! :(


  • always really nice to chat to and we seem to agree on a lot of things. I'm glad I know you!

  • You're always friendly and willing to lend a helping hand when I need one. It is appreciated!


  • Happy Valentine's!

  • Thank you for all your advice and patience. You're a good friend <3


  • You're awesome, and I often feel like you're 1000x as brave I could ever hope to be! I hope this year treats you better than last!


  • I'm so glad I've got to know you. Love your Lambotwin antics on Twitter. =D


  • Happy Valentines Day and hope this year starts looking up for you!

  • You are awesome and I don't find the time to talk to you as often as I'd like. Hope we can hang out again soon!

  • I love your writing. It's creative and extremely evocative, making reading your stories an almost visual experience. Thank you for them <3


  • You're a great friend who makes me feel important and valued. I know life gets you down but you can beat it, stay strong. You are loved.

  • thanks for everything you do, amazing one - Happy Valentines Day :)

  • from one autophile to another -- ummm, err I mean from one car enthusiast to another ^.^ Happy Valentine's Day! May your day be filled with hot cars, cool tunes, and lots of laughs with fandom friends.

  • You're just plain the best. Hoping for another movie day soon!!


  • my favorite buggy in any fandom! <3

  • I think all the different subject matter you include in your stories is wonderful. It makes them feel alive and real, besides being straight up amazing (and, depending on the rating, smoking!). You are a fantastic writer and I really admire you.

  • I love your fics <3

  • You've got so many excellent, unique ideas. Thank you for taking the time to write them down and share your stories with us.

  • I love that you love Prowl and Jazz, and I love how much you write them and what a wonderful job you do of it. Every time I see you post something new it makes me smile :)

  • I can read your fics again and again without losing interest because they are so well written. Thank you!


  • Happy Valentines Day! I'm continually in awe of the depth and variety of your writing, so glad you share it with us!


  • thanks for sharing your art and writing and life! Happy Valentines!


  • Happy Valentines Day, always fun to see you on tumblr!


  • you give me so much support whenever you read my things and leave me comments. It makes me smile. You're a sweetheart.

  • Always a wonderful friend to everyone, including me. Thank you. <3


  • Your fics are awesome!

  • You are fantastic - supportive, encouraging, straight-up amazing. I am in awe of all the things you manage to do (how do you write so much?!!), and completely in love with those Knotformers :D

  • One of your fics got me into Transformers fanfic, for which I'll be eternally grateful. And you write so many great stories!

  • you're amazingly talented, I squee every time I see your knotformers :3

  • You are the best big sister a person could ever hope for. I'm glad I have you in my life. <3


  • You're so generous and kind, and really funny. I love it when we're all being hopeless dorks together even if it doesn't happen very often. <3


  • thanks for being my internet friend, and Happy Valentines Day!


  • I miss your stories! If you find the time, please come back and write more for us! :D


  • You have the biggest heart, and I adore your amazing capacity for kindness toward everyone around you. <3


  • I know that you're not as active in the fandom as you used to be and that's okay. You're kicking ass at real life and I'm constantly astonished by what you can get done! I'm glad to call you friend, even if we don't get to talk nearly enough.

  • Happy Valentines amazing lady! Thank you for all you do.

  • You're still as awesome as ever!

  • You are wonderful and I am constantly in awe of all you do. Keep on being awesome!


  • Hugs. All the hugs.

  • You're a really sweet person <3


  • I miss our chats. I hope life is treating you and the kitties well. I think of you often.

  • Happy Valentines and thanks for making me think! You're an amazing person.

  • You're a good friend and an awesome writer. I appreciate both.


  • Happy Valentines and hope life's treating you well!

  • we have been friends for a long time and i really look forward to us meeting each other some day. Keep on rocking and enduring the hits of life, you'll make it! Loveee!


  • You're smart and super talented in so many ways, and I've really enjoyed getting to know you over the years. <3

  • You write the most fantastic fics, the kind that really captures me!

  • I love hearing from you and seeing animal pics and hearing niece stories. P-bot fics for the win! Happy hearts and candy day! I hope the cold doesn't cause too much work-related stress.


  • Happy Valentines, dear poptart!


  • You're an amazing bunch of people. Thank you for all that you do. <3


  • stay awesome. <3


  • *headbonk* Happy Valentines Day!


  • Happy Valentines! *squidge*

  • I am loving all the new fic output (eee, tiny Roddy!) And I hope that this year is better in terms of Real Life. I hope you and your Person had a great hearts and candy day.


  • thank you for your thoughtful comments, Happy Valentines Day!


  • Always enjoy your updates - Happy Valentines Day!

  • Your writing is amazing; the way you worldbuild and develop culture in your stories is beautiful. I love reading them <3

  • I love all of your work and the effort you put into your worlds is astounding. I look forward to seeing them every time and I'm never disappointed.

  • I always enjoy reading your fics. =)


  • Your cliffhangers may drive me crazy but I LOVE your fics! :D

  • Love reading you fics!


  • all the love, dearest, just all the love in the universe.


  • I'm so glad we have grown closer. No matter how hard things get, know that someone is thinking of you and you're not alone *loves* <3


  • I hope life is treating you well.

  • You are a beautiful person and I don't know what I would do without you in my life. All my love, my amica. <3<3

  • You are awesome! And so skilled at sewing! I’m so happy we could meet last summer and I’m looking forward to this one. :D


  • epic interdimensional spacetimelove glomp!


  • glad to know you're out there in the world, doing your thing! Many hugs and Happy Valentines!


  • hope life is treating you more kindly, many hugs and Happy Valentines!

  • I don't get to see as much as I'd like, I hope you're doing great!


  • thank you for being such a delightful person! Happy Valentines!


  • Happy Valentines Day wonderful lady!

  • I'm glad to have met someone else who likes robots and sewing/fancy period costumes. You rock! =)

  • You seem like such a cool thoughtful person, I'm glad to know you. :3

  • You’re such a great friend and I love chatting with you about literally anything! Thank you for being my friend! :)

  • thank you again for the Lacewing drawing! (Anon, poof, lol!) It still makes me smile and do a little happy wiggle. I promise more fic soon! Happy hearts and candy day!


  • you're still as awesome as ever. Think of you often even though we don't talk much. *sends loves*

  • Passionate, creative, and always interesting! <3

  • Seeing your icon pop up makes me smile, both because it's amusing and because it means there's something new and wonderful to read :) And thank you for what you do for the prowlxjazz community <3

  • My bestest of friends, my partner in crime, my other half, you know I love you to bits, but never hurts to say it again. <3 <3 <3

  • You know I love you, darling. <3 Someday we'll get to see each other IRL again, and we'll have a grand old time.

  • You are such a wonderful friend and I admire you more than I can say. Thank you so, so much for all you are and do. <3

  • I'm a huge fan of your stories (AO3) and really want to say "Happy Valentine's Day!" You make our fandom a wonderful place.

  • Happy Valentine's Day :) I'm glad we're friends.

  • I miss you so much, this kind of schedule is so tough but i love you and care about you just as much and i promise i will get that PJness out for you! Love you!

  • You are great and I wish I could chase away all your sads. Thanks for all you do!


  • ZOMG Happy Valentines Day! Hugs!

  • I adore you and miss chatting with you more often! I hope you're doing well and drawing lovely stuff. <3<3

The TF Valentines Mods:

  • Thanks for keeping this fandom tradition alive! :D



  • You have a way with words that I admire enormously


  • Happy Valentine's Day to Hellkitty on AO3, and all your other various incarnations throughout the TF-verses, and speaking of verses, Barricade/Bonecrusher For Life! I love your characters' quirks, snarks, and sass <3


  • Happy Valentine's Day! May Megatron bring you many sweet and raunchy dreams! And speaking as a fan of ALL your fanfiction, may the muse molest you nightly! (In a consently fashion) ^.^


@allsnarker -

  • Babby bird <3 I just want to wrap you in a blanket and listen to all your chirps (especially about Starscream).

@ephdraws  -

  • You are super talented and your art is some of the most beautiful I've ever seen. Keep up the amazing work.

@pixeledpurple  -

  • Your all-encompasing love of robots makes me smile.

@pockysquirrel -

  • Let's keep enabling each's giant robot love forever -- okay, husband?

@soggiepancakes  -

  • You've been so awesome and generous. It's been great getting to know you the past six months or so.

@thepumpkinspice  -

  • You are always so sweet and chatting with you brightens my days. Stay thoughtful and amazing and wreck-n-rule!!


@darkesth0ur17 -

  • I hope we get to meet, you're always so nice to talk to and your cosplays are awesome *cwtches*

  • You are so much fun, from photos to your creative endeavors! Can't wait to hang out again at TFCon! <3

  • I can’t wait to see your Sideswipe cosplay! :D

@naboru -

  • happy hearts and candy day! You're awesome and this is going to be a great year for you!

@Predacutie -

  • you rock so much. I am glad we are friends. I am thankful for the time we get to RP and your amazing lady J. Thank you for putting up with me on my roughs and lows. Lots of pove for you.

@rovingrobot -

  • I love your tweets and pictures and think you are awesome!

  • Super duper extra humongous hugs and smiles, and HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! Spiritually sending you mountains of cheesecake, a virtual Rockies of decadent deliciousness, and rivers of tea slicing through all the cheesiness. You are a fun friend and I'm so happy the fandom brought us together.

  • happy hearts and candy day! We have to see All The Movies together this year and find time for zoo and aquarium! <3

@SaraLePew -

  • just deserves allllll of the Rodimus Stars.

  • You rock!

@Sweetpupperoo -

  • things can get very difficult some times but we keep at it and we are still bffs I wish we had more time to talk lately but i am thankful for what time we get. Keep on rocking! Love ya.

@thatbuggygirl -

  • unexpected and fun friendship that I'm happy to have forged with you! <3

@thistle_burr -

  • Your such a passionate, creative and giving person. <3

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im still alive im just on tumblr now ^w^

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