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It's that time of year again (And boy do we need some love right now!)

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It's that time of year again!

Rules are the same as previous years:

1) Choose as many people as you like and write a sentence or two about how you feel about them. It could be as simple as "you always make me smile," or "I love your icons." Just something you would like to tell them. No upper or lower limit on length.

2) Post your list to this entry. You have until midnight on February 13 (SGT) to send them in. (There may be some leeway, depending on how late the post goes up, but try to hurry!) It can be done anonymously or not, no posters will be revealed and comments are screened.

3) On February 14, a list of all the people who received comments and the comments that they received will be posted without revealing who sent them. Hopefully, lots of you will wake up on Valentine's Day to all kinds of anonymous love!

4) The valentines will post to LiveJournal and DreamWidth with links to both Tumblr and Twitter. Please don't send multiple valentines for the same user across platforms. If you've sent one on DW there is no need to also send them one on LJ :)

You can also send valentines to users of other sites, such as Tumblr and Twitter! Just specify who and where. Other sites will be listed at the bottom of both LJ and DW posts, as there is currently now a Tumblr account associated with these this is where the valentines post will be posted to on Tumblr. I also accept anonymous valentines as private messages on there that will be added to the valentines post.

2017 hasn't started off well so for the love of Primus,

Spread some love around! <3


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